Best rabbit food, let's be healthy and fast

Best rabbit food, let's be healthy and fast - Just like humans, rabbits also love the good food Lho. The combination of hay, vegetable, pellet, and fresh water will make your agility healthy, long life and happy. Many people ignore this and often only give carrots to its agility. In fact, carrots are not the most ideal food for rabbits. There are still many types of vegetables, fruits, and excellent pellets for rabbits.

Best rabbit food, let's be healthy and fast

If you want your agility to be healthy, start by learning the best types of food for rabbits and how to give them. As with any pet, food must be taken root and should not be given excessively. Obesity in rabbits should be avoided by giving food to taste.

In addition, the availability of clean water should also be maintained due to the vital water for rabbits. Some people believe that rabbits don't need water or just need a little water. This is a very mistaken belief because as with all living creatures, rabbits also need clean water.

Best rabbit food

What are rabbit food?

Read on to find out more information about what to give to your pet rabbit at home.

1. Hay

Dry grass (hay) should be the main food of your kelinces and should always be available at all times. The mature bunny can eat grass like grass Timothy and Haver, while the smaller rabbit should be fed to alfalfa grass. Alfalfa grass should not be given to adult rabbits because of their high protein and sugar content.

Hay is important for rabbits as it provides the essential fibers needed for digestive health and helps weaken the teeth of rabbits (which continues to grow) to support the good health of their teeth. Putting Hay at one end of the litter box will also push the rabbit using a litter box because rabbits tend to eat hay while wasting dirt at the same time.

When choosing hay, make sure the hay smells fresh. Do not choose hay that looks brown, moldy, or no longer smells like fresh grass. Store the hay in a dry place in containers that have air circulation so as not to moldy. Purchasing hay in bulk from local farmers tends to be much more economical than buying a bag of hay from a pet supplies store.

2. Vegetables are rabbit food

Various vegetables should be part of your daily diet. When choosing vegetables, look for the fresh and free of pesticides. Always wash all vegetables until clean before giving them to rabbits. Give a small amount of new vegetables while looking at how the rabbit reactions. Do not feed rabbits foliage from ornamental plants as many are toxic to rabbits.

Here is a list of some of the vegetables the rabbit liked:

Basil (Selasih)

Bok Choy (Pakcoy)

Broccoli leaves (the stem or the pufferfish can make a flatulent rabbit)

Carrot shoots (high in calcium carrots and should be administered in small quantities)




Collard (a type of cabbage)

Dandelion Leaf


Kale (occasionally)

Lettuce – Romaine or dark leaves (do not be fed iceburg and cabbage)

Mint leaves

Mustard greens



3. Water

Fresh water should always be available for your agility. If you have a cage, a hanging water bottle is a great option to install there. Rabbits also like to drink from the water bowl. On a hot day, you can give one or two ice cubes into your water bowl. If your agility doesn't seem to drink enough water, you can give your vegetables enough to get wet while presenting it.

4. Pellets

Pellets must be purchased at a fresh moment because the rabbit is reluctant to eat already stale pellets. Look for high-fiber and low-protein pellets. You need to limit the intake of rabbit pellets as he grows larger. High protein pellets can cause obesity and other health problems in rabbits. Do not give the pellets that have other mixed materials such as dried corn and others. This kind of additive is unhealthy for rabbits and can cause digestive problems.

5. Snack

Everyone loves to give a snack or a snack on the agility, but to ensure the health of your teeth, they should be given a snack only occasionally. Don't give the rabbit a carbohydrate-rich diet like bread, crackers, pasta, pretzels, cakes, chips, or cereals.

Despite being labeled for rabbits, many rabbit foods sold in the market contain fat and sugar in high levels, such as yogurt chips, and should not be given. And also, never give chocolate because it is toxic to rabbits.

Fruit is the best choice to give as a snack, but again you have to give it only in small quantities because of its high sugar content. Try buying organic fruits that are free from pesticides. As with vegetables, make sure everything is washed clean before being served in rabbits.

6. Fruits are rabbit food

Some of the fruits that rabbit liked include:





Apples (no seeds)

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Well that's some of the most recommended food types for rabbits. Keeping the rabbit is fun, but you have to be prepared and committed to giving the best food for it. Good food will keep your rabbit growing and ultimately make your beloved rabbit live healthy and happy.

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