Frightened Rabbit is a Scottish indie rock band from Selkirk

Frightened Rabbit is a Scottish indie rock band from Selkirk, formed in 2003. Originally a solo project for vocalist and guitarist Scott Hutchison, the band's last arrangement consisted of Hutchison, Grant Hutchison (drums), Billy Kennedy (guitar, bass), Andy Monaghan (guitar, keyboards) and Simon Liddell (guitar). Of the 2004 bands are based in Glasgow.

Frightened Rabbit is a Scottish indie rock band from Selkirk

Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit's first studio Album, Sing the Grays, was recorded as a duo by the Hutchison Brothers, and was released on the independent label Hits the Fan in 2006. The Band then signed a contract with Fat Cat Records, in 2007, and became a three-part with the addition of guitarist Billy Kennedy for his second studio album, The Midnight Organ Fight (2008). The Album was released to very positive reviews and a broad tour, with guitarist and keyboards Andy Monaghan joining the band to perfect his live performances.

The Band's third studio Album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, was released in 2010, with the former Make Model Gordon Skene joining the band for an accompanying tour. Frightened Rabbit signed with Atlantic Records later that year, and issued two EP, A Frightened Rabbit EP (2011) and State Hospital (EP) (2012), before his fourth studio album, Pedestrian Verse, 2013. A critical and commercial success in the UK, the album peaked at number nine on the UK Albums Chart, with additional guitarist Simon Liddell joining the band on his next tour.

Disappointed by the tour, Hutchison, Monaghan, and Liddell record a studio album without a band, titled Owl John (2014). Gordon Skene departed from the band in early 2014, and the band recorded Painting of a Panic Attack the following year with producer Aaron Dessner (The National), in New York, with Liddell joining the band as a fully contributing member.

Scott Hutchison died on May 2018 after being lost. On December 2018, the remaining band members played together for the first time since the death of Hutchison, at a charity show in Glasgow with special guests who performed vocals. The Band said that the Frightened Rabbit "no longer exists" without Scott Hutchison, although some music for the album is ongoing when Hutchison dies may be released in the future.

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