12 varieties of Mini-sized rabbits

12 varieties of Mini-sized rabbits. Rabbits are adorable animals because that's a lot of people included in Indonesia who make rabbits as pets.

In the world, there are many varieties of rabbits ranging from dense to small-body or often also called mini rabbits.

Rabbits that can be categorized as small rabbit or Mini rabbit is that has a body weight less than 2.5 kg.

There are more than 20 types of mini rabbits scattered around the world, but only a few are included in the American Rabbit Breeders (ARBA) record.  Here is a list of types of mini rabbits.

12 varieties of Mini-sized rabbits

Rabbit type with mini size

Netherland Dwarf (0, 9kg – 1, 2kg)
Netherland Dwarf is a super mini rabbit. The average weight of the adult is even less than 1kg.

In addition to his tiny body, the rabbit has a distinctive characteristic of round head shape, soft and slippery fur, very short neck, and an upright ear with a length of about 5cm.

This type of rabbit tends to like to bite, resulting in less suitable nourished by children. Mediasiana

Dwarf Hotot (1, 5kg – 2kg)

Dwarf Hotot is characterized by dark circles around his eyes, making it look like wearing eyeliner.

The body is short rounded with a small ear upright, but looks balanced with her body.

They have a unique body with a round head shape, they also have a short neck.

Their feathers are known for the term rollback which if their feathers stay straight on the combed or Dibelai.

Prevent their hair from falling down with good feeding, because the thicking of feathers in their body will cause them to vomit more often.

Wolly Jersey (1, 5kg – 2kg)

The wolly Jersey is one of three long-feathered mini rabbit marriages between Netherland Dwarf and Anggora France.

The size is slightly larger than the Netherland Dwarf but has a long feather (5-6cm) in the body, and a shorter feather on the face, ears, and legs.

His ears were small, upright and dashing. In addition, the variation in color is quite a lot, about 26 colors.

Their heads of squares and dark shaped make them often called mugs head.

They require a large enough cage even though their bodies are small, this is because their active behavior requires a large area of enclosure.

Holland Lop (1, 4kg – 2kg)

The rabbit is a cross from the English Lop, French Lopdan Netherland Dwarf. The main feature of Holland Lop is short-footed, rounded-headed, flat-faced (Pesek), wide-body with hanging ear the lobe/warp.

How to take care of them just like other common rabbits, you need to keep their food healthy. 

Hair and nail care can be done once a month.

Make sure you have a cage measuring 18X24 cm.

American Fuzzy Lop (1, 4kg – 2kg)

Physically this rabbit resembles Holland Lop, it's just that the fur is longer. As the name suggests, Fuzzy Lop feathers are very smooth and soft.

Another characteristic is the the lobe ear feeble knees (lop) and a cute face like a buldog dog.

This rabbit needs intensive care and a special diet to maintain the health and quality of its fur.

British Petite (1kg – 1, 5kg)

This rabbit has a sleek body. Britain's Petite has a slightly long, slightly curved foot so that while sitting in a pose, this rabbit looks so graceful and stylish.

His ears were upright and not too long. The color variations are pretty much, among them black, white, otter, agouti, chestnut, and Sable marten.

Brittania Petite is notoriously active and aggressive, often fighting, and likes to bite. That's why rabbits are not recommended as family pets.

Dutch (1, 5kg – 2kg)

Dutch is one of the original Dutch rabbits who are small and soft-skinned. This rabbit has a unique motif, which is to have 2 different solid colors at the top and bottom of his body. The color difference is separate as a belt line.

The combinations of colors available are black-and-white, brown-white, blue-white, and white-grey.

Dutch is a kind of favorite rabbit that is sought after by animal lovers. In addition to its unique motives and easy maintenance, its reproduction capabilities are also high. Besides that, the character is also calm and quiet so that suitable as a family pet.

Mini Himalaya (1kg – 2, 5kg)

Characteristic of Himalaya with is a narrow body shape and is somewhat elongated (cylindrical). The body is dominated by white color with other color combinations in the nose, legs, and ear.

The alternative color of this rabbit is black, brown, blue, and lilac. This rabbit loves to sleep during the day, but when the mini-night Himalaya will move very active.

Lionhead (1kg – 1, 7kg)

The rabbit originated in Belgium but was developed in the UK. The body shape is rounded with long, circular feathers from head to neck, thus resembling the lion's head.

There are two types of Lionhead rabbit based on his ears, the Lionhead upright and eared.

Although like a lion, this rabbit has a shy character and prefers a more silent place.

Just like any other rabbit you don't need to bathe them enough feathers and cut their nails every month.

Mini Rex (1, 4kg – 2kg)

Mini Rex is a mini version of Rabbit Rex. The rabbit's characteristic is its fur which is short, tightly, and soft as a carpet.

In addition the Mini Rex has a rounded body, with a narrow shoulder and an upright ear.

The Mini Rex has a lot of color variations, such as black, blue, castor, lynx, opal, brown, red, white, chinchilla, lilac, Himalayan, broken, and tricolor.

Mini Satin (1, 5kg-2, 5kg)

The Mini satin is the result of a cross between the dwarf and satin races. The results of the cross produce a soft fluffy mini rabbit with strong color.

In addition to soft, satin mini-fur also looks sparkling and slippery when touched. The rabbit has white eyes with red-colored eyeballs and an upright little ear.

Polish (1kg-2kg)

The rabbit is similar to the Netherland Dwarf, but is slightly larger in size. The Polish fur rabbit is quite short and its eggs upright.

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The color variations available for this type are white, black, blue, brown, and broken.

Such information about different types of mini-sized rabbits along with the price description. Hopefully we have.

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