5 Preparations before making rabbits as pets

5 preparations before making rabbits as pets. Anyone like the rabbit and want to nurture it? Already know some important facts about rabbits, yet? Rabbits do include rodents. However they do not come from the Rodensian family, but rather lagomorphs. Because of this, rabbits tend to differ from mice.

5 Preparations before making rabbits as pets

Preparations before making rabbits as pets

Here is the preparation before keeping the rabbit animals :

1. Rabbit Special Toy

If you have good and true, the life expectancy of rabbits can be up to 10 years. They have 28 teeth, all of which are very strong and constantly growing. In order to erode, the rabbit must have a special chewy toy.

If in the wild, they chew the seeds of fir trees. In addition to playing around, they want their teeth to erode. Their chewing speed is indeed very fantastic. The two cute front teeth can help the rabbit chew as much as 120 times per one minute. The two teeth were also a trend.

2. Rabbit's Favorite food

It seems that you also know, what are the most beloved food rabbits. Yes, they like it once with carrots and other veggies. In addition to taste good, the vegetables are rich in fiber and vitamins.

But rabbits also need a carbohydrate intake. In the wild, they often devour fruits, grasses, and grains. Thus, all their nutritional needs can be fulfilled. Uniquely, this rabbit hooked vegetables that have been somewhat wither. Therefore, they will eat when the position of the sun is high. At that time, the dew had evaporated from the leaves.

3. The rabbit sign gives birth

Female rabbit develops bia with fast enough. When it was 3-4 months old, they could have children. Each year, a parent can even produce as many as 20-40 baby rabbits.

When you want to give birth, rabbits will usually dig soil. But the depth is quite shallow. They just want to protect their children from the predators.

Then the rabbit will unplug his own fur, then serve as a nest material. The fur is warm they will mix with straw or grass. Once the nest, rabbits can give birth calmly.

Their babies do not have feathers. No wonder they need warmth. The babies also won't have much activity. They just sleep. It was only on the tenth day that the feathers of rabbits would begin to grow. While its parent only breastfeeding as much as 1 once a day, with a duration of about 5 Menitan.

4. Rabbit Type and characteristics

There are about 45 types of rabbits that have been identified. They have a special feature of large body, small body, short hairy long ears, some are long furry, etc.

When noted, the rabbit's eyes look wide. No doubt that they can look in any direction, including the one behind. His vision overload was supported by his hearing acuity.

The sense of rabbit listener is very sensitive. You should not be attractive or to be in the ear, because in the leaves there are nerve veins that are so sensitive. If you want to carry a rabbit you should be in a bopong.

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5. When the rabbit is happy

Westerners there refer to it as "Binky", or the moment in which the rabbit feels excited until it jumps and twisting his body.

Keep in mind, moving activities for rabbits are as important as humans. They must move at least 4 hours in a day. If you are lazy, your beloved rabbit will be at risk of getting bone or osteoporosis. ...

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