Get to Know rabbit Rex: its characteristics and treatment

Get to Know rabbit Rex: its characteristics and treatment. Hello buddy cattle, in this article the editorial team of the Rabbit will be reviewing about one of the popular rabbit races of the rabbit Rex. See Yes.

History of Origin Rabbit Rex

Unlike many other types of rabbits, the origins of rabbit Rex for sure. By the end of the second decade of the 20th century – 1919 precisely, was born a child of a wild-grey rabbit that had a plush coat of feathers like velvet. In addition this rabbit has protective feathers twice thicker than other rabbits.

Get to Know rabbit Rex

A breeding program was quickly formed to ' fix ' this genetic mutation and developed a rabbit line that has a very soft and thick coat.

The recirsive gene that is responsible for the growth of the outer fur causes unusual fur to grow out rather than lying flat, while the outer protective hair is equally long with a lower layer, creating a fur coat that is 2 times thicker than a regular rabbit.

Rabbit Rex was first displayed publicly in Paris in 1924 and has been recognized as a standard breed since 1925 in many parts of Europe. The Breed went into the U.S. after the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924 and quickly established itself as one of the most popular pet rabbit races.

In the Rex Rabbit, his fur is always thick. Currently, Rex is maintained as an accompanying animal and as a rabbit show. Rabbit Rex can also be kept to be taken flesh and feathers. Mediasiana

# Characteristic Rabbit Rex

  • It weighs 3.6-5 kg for the standard-sized rabbits. As for the mini-sized rabbit has a weight between 1.4-2 kg.
  • The fur is smooth and similar to velvet so it is often called the rabbit carpet with reddish velvet color
  • This bunny is short
  • Bunny ears wide and upright Rex
  • It has a lot of color variations namely black, white, blue, red and there is also a combination of 3 colors.

Rabbit Rex is generally a obedient rabbit who does not mind being taken and belked, especially if it is by its owner who often let them out of the enclosure to explore their environment.

As with any pet, it will grow attached to the family members who spend the most time with them and feed them the most often, but generally will not be afraid of anyone taking it with care and nurturing them.

# Rabbit Care Rex

Rabbit Rex is a tame type that can be maintained inside a rather wide enclosure. Rabbit food Rex should consist of forage, leafy vegetables, and fruit.

A percuster

Rabbit Rex should be kept indoors because it reduces the risk of hypothermia, overheat (heat attack), and is attacked by predators. Furthermore, rabbit Rex risked much higher to die early if maintained outside, instead of being placed inside the house.

Even if your Rex bunny is housed inside a safe enclosure outside your house, remember that the rabbit is easy to scare. Rabbits can die of fear for just seeing predators or hearing loud noises.

Keeping your Rex bunny outside can make it more antisocial. For example, your pet might start showing signs of aggression or fear of people.

Enclosure requirements.

You can put rabbits in standard cage. When choosing a cage for your Rex rabbit, consider the following:

Cage size. The cage must have a length of 150-200 cm and a width of about 60 cm. The cage should be high enough to make your rabbit stand on its hind legs, without the ears touching the top.

Floor cage. The wire cage can injure your rabbit's leg. The bottom cage of solid metals is much better. If you can't find it, put some plywood on the cage floor so that the entire floor is closed.

The Nest/bed rabbit. You can make a rabbit nest using a box that is given a cut straw or cardboard mat. Do not use wood litter or wood shavings for pedestal as it can interfere with breathing rabbit rex.

Hiding Spot

Rabbit cage should be given hiding spot so that rabbits can occasionally hide. Rabbits need hiding spot to get comfort and hiding place as they are in nature. You can use a wooden box that is given holes or large PVC pipes for this.

#Pakan and Drink

The rabbit feed of Rex is 70% straw high-quality (such as peanut straw or rendeng) and the rest should be a mixture of green vegetables, vegetables, fruits, and healthy pellets. .

Make a habit to do some research before offering your Rex rabbit with any kind of food. There are some safe foods and some foods that can make your rabbit sick.

It is also important that your rabbit has access to fresh clean water at all times, especially during warmer days.

Keeping the rabbit Rex hydrated is essential for its health. Always make sure your rabbit has access to clean and fresh water.

Bunny Rex enjoys drinking from ceramic plates, but this can lead, make a mess and reduce your rabbit water supply. If you finally choose the dish, make sure the food is heavy so it can't be reversed. Plates should also be checked frequently to make sure they are full and clean at all times.

#Macam-Assorted Rabbit Rex

There are two types of rabbit Rex: The standard Rex bunny and the Rabbit Mini Rex.

1. Rabbit Rex Standard

The Standard rabbit Rex is a more common type. They are a little bigger than the rabbit Mini Rex and therefore more easily breed. Rabbit Standard Rex is generally widely used for his meat consumed. In addition, the skin of rabbits is widely utilized as a garment material. There are many people who cultivate it because of its flesh and skin that is the basic ingredient of clothing. The standard Rex type has a weight of 3.6-5 kg.

2. Bunny Rex Mini

The Mini Rabbit Rex is essentially a smaller version of the Rabbit standard Rex and comes with all the adorable characteristics of the standard version. Called Bunny Rex Mini because this type of rabbit has a weight between 1.4 to 2 kg.

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