How to farm rabbits broiler cattle

How to farm rabbits broiler cattle. Well, if you already know both types of broiler rabbit, now is the time we discuss the cultivation of broiler rabbit which is very easy and simple for you to apply. Here's the complete explanation, let's check!

How to farm rabbits broiler cattle

How to farm rabbits broiler cattle

1. Choosing a broiler rabbit to miss

The first step to start livestock cultivation Rabbit Broiler is to choose a quality miss. It is clearly influential for cultivation sustainability.

To get the bunny's miss, you need to really pay attention to the seedlings that will be purchased, namely have a body weight of at least 4 kg for the female rabbit and 3 kg for the male rabbit, bright eye color, clean fur, round hips, and agile movements.

2. Prepare Broiler Cage

Next, prepare a decent and comfortable enclosure to be inhabited by broiler rabbits. But before that, make sure the location of livestock farming rabbit is far from urban frenetic. Because this type of rabbit prefers a place that has good air circulation, approximately about 21 degrees Celsius.

For the cage, you can make it from wood or bamboo with a length of 200 cm and a width of 70 cm to accommodate a rabbit as much as 10 to 12 tails depending on its own gender. In addition, never combine male and female rabbits in the same enclosure, in order to avoid early marriage in this cultivation.

There are at least 3 types of cage that are commonly used for broiler cattle farming, including:

Postal-type Cage

Cage for the cultivation of broiler rabbit is not particularly influential in the process of rabbit growth. Because the postal cage is generally made for the child Broiler Rabbit who will stop at the SAPIH by its parent and for the rabbit marriage process.

Battery type Enclosure
Different from the postal type cage, the battery cage is precisely recommended for breeders who want to perform the rabbit enlargement stage. The cage is usually made of terraced with bamboo or wire ram, where the cage size is about 60 × 40 cm, depending on the type and shape of the rabbit body.

Ranch Type Cage (open)

The ranch type cage is used for the cultivation of broiler rabbits, where the shape of the cage is very simple, namely only need to install a bamboo fence measuring 1 meter.

In the cage area, you have to provide drinks and feed for rabbits. In addition, the cage should also be cleaned 2 times a week and try to keep the temperature in the cage, not to be too moist. Because the rabbit prefers dry conditions.

3. Feed Management for broiler rabbits

Feeding for livestock cultivation rabbit broiler can be said to be slightly different than usual. If you are the main purpose of this cultivation to sell the meat again.

You can add a bit of nutrients such as Piterna and hormonic into pellets or a special meat rabbit meal. Give regularly 2 times daily, in the morning and evening.

4. How to inflate the broiler rabbit

The next step in the livestock cultivation of rabbits is to do a marriage, where the ideal of marriage rabbits and new female broiler can be done when the male is 8 months old and females 6 months. This is to avoid the risk of early marriage that can threaten reproductive failures.

The process of the marriage of rabbits is quite unique, which can be done in the morning or in the evening by entering the female rabbit into a male rabbit cage.

After they did one marriage, remove the female rabbit to rest about 10 to 15 minutes before. Then, bring back the female and male rabbit, until the female does not want to do it anymore, and return the female to the cage reorganizations.

5. Childcare Bunny Broiler

Once the rabbit children are born, you can do the treatment by keeping the cage clean and warm. Give nutritious food like carrots and other vegetables that have been destroyed. Add a small amount of nutrients to the food to support the growth of Broiler bunny children.

6. Broiler Rabbit Ready to harvest

The final step in rabbit farming is the harvesting process. This process can be done when the rabbit has entered the age of 3 to 4 months with a benchmark selling price around Rp 80 thousand. Generally, rabbit harvest process is done 4 times a year, where the female rabbit can produce 6 children.

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Well, that's the way to cultivate a broiler rabbit that you can apply to start the business.

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