How to farm rabbits

How to farm rabbits. Rabbit cattle is one of the promising business alternatives. Rabbit as a very familiar mammal has several advantages so that it is very prospect to develop. This very cute livestock, has good adaptation ability, easy maintenance, relatively small capital, fast breeding and big fans.

How to farm rabbits

How to farm rabbits

Rabbit raising is relatively easier when compared with other commodity cattle. Akantetapi if you want to succeed, as a farmer should not be random in the business of livestock kelici. Well for that for those of you who intend to do the business of rabbit cattle, let's see the article that is packaged lightly and this...

Business Purpose

As a breeder, the first step to take is to determine the business objectives. This will affect the management and the outcome of the maintenance. Rabbits are distinguished into 2 groups, namely ornamental rabbits and broiler. Rabbit cultivation is a rabbit that is preserved to be utilized meat, leather or fur. While the ornamental rabbit is a type of rabbit that is preserved as a pet.

The difference between the two is uncertain. In practice, many rabbits races were originally treated as ornamental rabbits and were then utilized to become broiler rabbits because they had great weight advantages, rapid growth and high breeding. The phenomenon also applies otherwise.

There are 3 main focuses in rabbit cattle, which are meat, leather and fur oriented. The types of rabbits also have different advantages. There are superior races of meat, skin quality and fur production or woll. 
To know the purpose of our business, let's know the type of rabbit race based on its growing orientation in Indonesia. Kementan publishes rabbit group Guides for rabbit farmers to nurture rabbits as intended. Here Jenis-jenisnya:

  • Broiler: Flemish Giantdan New Zealand White
  • Skin: Rexdan Satin
  • Fur or Woll: Anggora

Cattle rabbit is still a primadona in Indonesia. This is due to the unpopularity of the leather industry and the rabbit's Livestock fur.

Choosing Rabbit Seeds

Choosing seedlings or candidates should be thoroughly cared for. This is because seedlings play a big role determine the success rate of rabbit cattle. Bunny Breeding determines productivity and quality of cultivation. Here are some tips to choose the cattle seeds of the rabbit Cut:

  • Find rabbits who have a good history of health and descent.
  • Female rabbit's weight loss is at least 4-5 kg while for males 3-5 kg.
  • It has a full rounded hips.
  • The back is not concave.
  • Bright Eyes, invisible lethargic and sleepy.
  • Feathers are clean, especially around the genitals.

Rabbit Cage Management

There are two types of rabbit cage, open and closed cage. The open system enclosure of the surrounding land is given fences and free rabbits left to roam within the area. In the cage area provided shelter for rabbits. Open system cage characterizes rabbit cattle business traditionally. Such a system is relatively easier and cheaper. However, such cage systems require extensive land and livestock performance is more difficult to improve.

The next perms system is a closed cage. The enclosed cage is a sealed enclosure ranging from floor, wall and roof. Enclosed cage is suitable for intensive livestock business. The breeding of rabbits with enclosed cage system differentiated into two types: postal type and battery type.

The postal-type enclosure is a colony cage that places multiple rabbit tails at once. The cage serves to breed and rent rabbit children. The battery-type cage is an individual enclosure that hosts one rabbit's tail per enclosure, usually in a stacked shelf. Suitable for intensive magnification.

Rabbit Feed Management

In its natural habitat, wild rabbits will consume grains, grass and leaves that are in nature. Akantetapi, in the rabbit that is carried out, all the feed must be provided and fulfilled by the farmer. Therefore, it is important for farmers to understand the good rabbit feed management.

Rabbits are nocturnal animals that are more active at night. So in the feeding schedule, we are obliged to feed him with a large portion at night. Example 2-3 times in one night. Rabbits eat little by little but often. So it's good if we give him also a little but often. Don't get too much. This is to avoid food that is not where it is. Until finally grows bacterial disease.

In addition, it is important for farmers to know the types of feed rabbit that is good given to rabbits.

Reproduction of rabbits

Rabbits livestock productivity levels can be seen by looking at his birth rate. Rabbits reproduce with childbirth. Rabbits began to enter puberty and were ready to be married at the age of 6-12 months (depending on the type of gold). The female rabbit signs are as follows:

Looking jittery, her behaviour is always searching for stud.
Rub his chin on objects around him or another rabbit.
The vulva is reddish and wet.

There are two ways to marry rabbits, in groups or in pairs. Group marriage is done by inserting a number of females and males in one area. One stud could marry about 5-10 females. While the way of marriage in pairs is done by inserting one female and one stud in one cage. During the period of marriage, observe whether or not the marriage occurs. Otherwise, it may not be suitable. Replace the stud with the others.

Here are the things you need to know in an effort to marry rabbits:

  1. Rabbits ready to be married after the age of 6-12 months (depending on race).
  2. The Birthen Rabbit lasted for approximately 11-15 days.
  3. The time of the birthing delay (one night) lasts 2 weeks.
  4. The pregnancy period lasts about 28-35 days (depending on race).
  5. Naturally breastfeeding the rabbit can last for 8 weeks. In the business of Rabbit cattle breastfeeding period was conducted for 15-20 days. After that the bunny boy was given

Rabbit Harvest

There is no benchmark age of rabbit can be harvested. Usually people sell rabbits in the form of meat or bakalan. Rabbits are usually sold as pets. To sell the saplings, preferably over 2 months, after the period of breastfeeding. This is because the rabbit that is too young is feared not able to survive the separated from its parent.

The Rabbit Meat Market is currently not as popular as other types of meat such as poultry, goats or goats. For meat, it is usually harvested after a rabbit aged 3.5 months or has a weight of 2-3 kg. The time required to achieve that weight lasts about 2-3 months. If it is much longer then maintenance is less effective. It is because the rabbit needs more feed.

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In seedlings or candidates, a nurtured until the rabbit 10-12 New Moon is ready to sell. Seed prices are no longer accounted for per kg, but seen the superiority of offspring and health.

Well so things should be considered for raising rabbits. Happy learning and hopefully useful.:)

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