15 Simple ways to keep your bunny rabbit

Simple ways to keep your bunny rabbit. Anggora Rabbit is one type of rabbit that has thick fur and is often used as a garment material. This rabbit is very friendly and can be used as a pet because of its quite liked nature. If you have an Anggora rabbit or plan to keep this rabbit, then you should know how to take care of the rabbit including health, nutritional needs, Cage, and other knowledge. This is why we will give you 15 ways to maintain an effective and easy Anggora rabbit.

Simple ways to keep your bunny rabbit

Simple ways to keep your bunny rabbit

1. Preserve the health of the Anggora Rabbit

To keep the health of the Anggora rabbit means we should often bring this rabbit to the veterinarian for routine health screening. If your rabbit shows any sick symptoms then feel free to take him to the vet immediately to get further treatment. Some symptoms of pain in rabbits are watery diarrhea, do not use their hind legs to move or lazy to jump, constipation, dark-coloured urine or urine rarely out, easily tired, watery eyes or nose, fever, and always saliva.

Another thing to note is to make your rabbit sterile. This action can be done by consulting your veterinarian beforehand. If you do not intend to have another rabbit child, you can perform this action at the age of 4 to 6 months. The goal of sterile rabbits is to prevent unwanted pregnancies and prevent the onset of disease. Please be aware that a female rabbit that is not sterile has a higher risk of getting uterine cancer.

2. Always check the condition of rabbit teeth

The tooth of the Anggora rabbit will never stop to grow. Therefore, he will always love to chew something in order to make it meratable. If your rabbit teeth look even longer then you can take them to the vet to slightly cut them. Never cut your own rabbit teeth, because rabbit teeth can become cracked and cause swelling until serious problems in their mouth.

3. The diligent care of rabbit feathers

Anggora Rabbit is a type of rabbit that has a soft fur so that many people are it to be used as clothing materials. Nevertheless, never to shave your rabbit's fur. You can brush this rabbit's fur as many times a day so that their feathers stay smooth and healthy. At the time of brushing your rabbit fur you can use a special animal comb. By brushing the rabbit's fur, you can reduce the hair loss on your furniture, carpets and clothes.

4. Giving the right food

Rabbit Anggora loved the straw as the food. Always make sure that your rabbit has enough straw to chew, straw has all the essential nutrients needed for the rabbit to stay healthy. By chewing, the tooth of rabbits can be flattened and unrestrained. In addition, we need to know that there are foods that should not be given to the Anggora rabbit. The food is broccoli, corn, spinach, unpeeled beans, cabbage, and cauliflower. These foods are dangerous because they are difficult to digest by the rabbit Anggora and can cause rabbits to become sick.

5. Give the rabbit Pellet

You can also give your bunny Anggora your rabbit pellet daily as an additional nutrient. You can give a pellet of one quarter or half a bowl per day. Some rabbits of Anggora need food adjustments depending on conditions. It is you can consult your veterinarian.

6. Giving the rabbit green vegetables

Green vegetables are a good source of nutrients for the Anggora rabbit. Give some green vegetables to your rabbit every day. Rabbits you can love kale, green radish, you, or celery.

7. Always meet the water needs

The Anggora rabbit needs easy access to clean and fresh water resources. For water containers You can use bottles that have been smoked at the end because this bottle is more difficult to contaminated with dirt, dust, and hay. Always replace your rabbit drinking water at least once a day and always check the condition. If you want to use a ceramic bowl, make sure that the bowl is quite heavy and wide so it is not easily reversed by your rabbit.

8. Choosing the right enclosure for rabbits

Bunny Anggora needs ample space so he can jump and play. Therefore make sure that your rabbit cage is at least 1.2 square meters in size. If the cage is made of iron wire, give it a base like a board or plastic mat that can protect your rabbit's legs.

9. Put some cardboard boxes in the cage

They are very pleased to hide in cardboard boxes, chew the box, and push them around. Therefore we can put some cardboard boxes in the cage so that he can play around with the box. The box can be filled with straw and puncture at its side so that rabbits can play while eating easily. In addition to the cardboard boxes to play, you also have to provide a box for the water to throw rabbits. The box can be lined with a few sheets of newspaper or newspaper piece. Also make sure that the box is always clean so as not to cause unpleasant odor.

10. Provide easy-to-chew materials

Anggora Rabbit has a habit of chewing all the time to prevent his teeth from continuing to grow. So make sure that we always provide some objects that this rabbit can chew. It can be towel, plank, apple stem, fruit board from Pine, and so on.

11. Always putting rabbits in the house

Rabbits placed outside the house usually cannot be long. This is due to the rabbit not resistant to heat, easily experiencing hypothermia, can be attacked predators, and often feel lonely. For that we must always keep our Anggora rabbit by putting himself in the house all day.

12. Play with rabbits every day

Rabbit Anggora has the need to exercise regularly to maintain its health. At least in a day it takes 2 hours to move by putting it outside the enclosure. Always make sure that you keep an eye on your rabbit every time while he's playing out his cage and don't hurt him.

13. Protects the rabbit from the power cord

Because of its love of chewing something, then while playing outside the cage he can chew the power cord. For that we must make sure that the area he is playing away from the power cord or do not let the power cord is on the floor. If not then the rabbit will bite him and he will die because of the electricity stung. Therefore we must always be vigilant lest rabbits do dangerous actions like this.

14. Prevents the rabbit from chewing wood and walls

The Anggora Rabbit can also chew wood furniture such as doors, chairs and tables as well as walls. You need to keep an eye on your rabbit as he plays outside the cage to make sure he does not chew the objects. Make sure also that your rabbit doesn't chew the carpet, or the wall wallpaper. If you see him chewing something that is not allowed don't discipline the rabbit. Bunny Tida can understand and can cause herself to be afraid of people. To overcome this, simply lift your rabbit and place himself in a Chewable object.

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15. Carrying the rabbit right

The way to carry the rabbit Anggora properly is to hold the rabbit's butt with one hand and use your hand to withstand the burden of the rabbit's body. Do not lift the rabbit by pulling his ears or by laying your hands on the chest. If you do this wrong action, you will instead make your rabbit become injured.

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