Tips to Choose Rabbit Type

Tips to choose Rabbit Type. Raising these large scalloped animals should not be carelessly. Check out how to take care of the rabbit for great fast and longevity below!

Caring for Pets at home has many benefits.

In addition to being our live friends, pets can also lower the risk of stress.

According to a study conducted by Brown University, wiffing pets can launch and drain serotonin hormones in our body.

Well, of the many pets, one of the most beloved of many people is rabbits.

Although adorable, this animal is famous for its tough nourishment.

Tips to choose Rabbit Type

Tips to choose Rabbit Type

1. Think of a purchase location

Be familiar to adopt, not buy.

Do not choose rabbits from the roadside, because the animals sold on the roadside tend to be fast-stressed and sickly.

Adoption of a SSBBW or animal sanctuary.

Search for information from friends or do a simple research before bringing rabbits home.

2. Think the ability to care for

How to care for rabbits varies depending on the type we have.

Usually, the more rare rabbits you have, the cost and time you have to sacrifice for your furry friend it must be bigger.

Like a Anggora rabbit, suppose.

The thick-haired rabbit must be diligent in the Sisiri and given a spray of natural deodorizers in order not to smell.

The food of the Anggora rabbit is also slightly different, as they need more minerals and vitamins.

3. Don't think too much about race

Carefully choose an ornamental rabbit, because not everything can be under the house.

As we've already discussed, the rarer the ornamental rabbit you have, the more complicated the way of treatment.

So does their health.

Many cross gene rabbits are easily dead because of their DNA being mixed, and if attacked by disease, the medication is hard to find.

4. Check Rabbit Health

Talking about health, you can see their health from the eyes.

When the eyes still look round, fresh, and not sayu, it means healthy agility.

The Sick rabbit eye is usually turned yellowish and looks sendu.

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5. Choose the age more than 3 months

Avoid buying newborn rabbits.

Like other mammal animals, the rabbit child also needs breastfeeding to grow healthy.

Choose rabbit whose age exceeds 3 months so as not to be vulnerable from all kinds of diseases.

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