Different Types of News Sources

News is basically information regarding current affairs. This can be given through several media: print, radio, television, news reports, and by the testimony of experts and witnesses on events. Generally speaking, news can be considered as factual, a day-by-day account of what happened in any place at any given time with enough important details to make other people interested.

News is generally perceived as objective and impartial. It helps us keep informed of different aspects of everyday life. It is also widely used to create awareness, especially among young people, of the things happening in society. In fact, this is one of the most effective ways of disseminating information, as it is very easy for people to understand and absorb news.

There are different types of news that have varying effects on the public. A good example is sports news. Sports is a topic that is generally updated on a local level and is therefore extremely important to the population in any particular area. The sports media thus becomes an agent for the community and the city/state to advertise themselves to the outside world. For instance, a certain state university may get support from the national media for their sports team if a win or defeat has major importance to the city/state.

Another important type of news is political news. This type of news usually circulates across different states/territories and thus covers a wide cross section of people. Some countries like India have their own newspapers dedicated entirely to news and political gossip, while in the US, the major newspapers are mostly national tabloids. Regardless, of whether it is political, business, breaking news or celebrity gossip, almost everybody is aware of it.

Then there are health-related news. News about medicines, drug researches, and new drugs being launched or tested in labs spread quickly all over the country. It is necessary to have quick access to this information in case you experience an ailment or a sudden medical emergency. For instance, you might find out about cardiac arrest in a small town a day after it occurs in a big city.

Politics is very controversial and people often get sensitive about what is happening in other countries. They therefore seek out different news sources to understand the happenings at a global level. They can be political leaders, journalists, experts, or public commentators. Whatever the source of the news, the need to know about it and have it readily available is urgent. As a result, almost every person has a wide range of sources for news on the internet, in their mobile phones, newspaper/magazines, etc.

By adminweare
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