Entertain Me: An Art Form


Entertain Me: An Art Form

Entertaining is a broad category of action which either holds an audience’s interest and attention or provides enjoyment and joy. It may be a play, a movie, television show, or any other activity, but is much more probably to be one of those occasions or events which has developed over thousands of years with the sole purpose of holding an audience’s interest. The entertainment value of a performance or show depends on several factors such as its plot, style, message, audience participation and the presence of star presenters in the form of a trained actor or actress. Other factors which influence the entertainment value are the skills of the director or the producer of the show, set and props used, music, dance, costumes, sets and other supporting equipment and last of all, the personality of the presenter.

Entertainment is such a broad category of activities that it covers a range of activities such as literature, films, television shows, plays, music, comedy, science fiction, cartoons, dramatic presentations, children’s programs, adult entertainment, weddings, home videos, sporting events, theme parks and even political demonstrations. All these pull another element, which is called emotion, whether good or bad and entertainment is no exception. The audience react to certain performances with either excitement or fear, depending on their moods and emotions toward a particular event or performance. Entertainment as an art form depends on the ability of artists or entertainers to bring out the hidden emotions inside a person while portraying it to the audience in a positive or negative light.

Entertainment media are publications like books, periodicals, cable television shows, websites, live stage shows, video games and so forth, which are created for the purpose of entertaining, educative or purely fun purposes. Entertainment media are the vehicles that carry the entertainment or pull some other theme which is to be shown in some context. Most popular forms of entertainment are usually related to sports, movies, music, cartoons, drama and comedy shows. The medium depends solely on the interest of the audience for pulling out the specific theme. Most of the time, theatrical productions are developed in theatres or cinemas where large number of people gather to watch these shows like a festival, to watch a movie or to watch a play.

Another type of entertainment is the art form of film or video, which requires some considerable amount of investment, hard work and effort to create a movie or a series of movies or videos to amuse the audience. Film as an entertainment has become a huge global business and has been developed to cater to the ever-increasing needs of the people to watch their favorite films and videos anywhere and anytime. In the past, films and videos were distributed by large American motion picture houses or Hollywood studios. Today, the internet has revolutionized the way these movies or videos are marketed and produced.

Entertainment news is just a section of entertainment news. It is a continuously updated source of information about the latest in entertainment news. Entertainment news covers all types of entertainment from plays, music, movies, television, books, DVD, video games, comic books, and other forms of entertainment. There are some channels that cover some specific forms of entertainment. Some of these include TV shows, music videos, and movie channels. Entertainment news also includes the latest news on celebrities, game developers, and more.

Entertainers have come up with various ways and means to entertain people at home and abroad. From the simplest to the most complex form, entertainment news is the best place to know the latest in entertainment industry news. With the huge demand of entertainment, the entertainment industry will continue to flourish and develop into an art form.

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