Entertainer As Entrepreneur


Entertainer As Entrepreneur

Entertainments is a broad form of activity which holds an audience’s interest and attention either for short or long durations. It may be a task or an idea, but more often than not, it is more often than not one of those repetitive events or activities which have grown over centuries specifically for the sole purpose of maintaining an audience’s interest. For example, an entertainer may be performing a comedy show, a dance performance, a drama production, or an athletic competition. Likewise, events or activities that are repeated may also be categorized as entertainment. Some examples of these could be:

This could be categorized into many other categories depending on the medium or mediums being used. For example, there are plays, operas, movies, television shows, cartoons, dramatic art, dramatic opera, soap opera, dramatic plays, musical theater, comedy shows, children’s theater, comedy series, classic TV shows, magic shows, traveling shows, video games, and the list could go on. These are just the broadest forms of entertainment that exist today. Other types of entertainment are more specialized in nature. For example, certain authors compose books or other works that entertain as literature while other authors only write screenplays intended to amuse an audience.

Entertainers have come a long way from just being entertainers. They have become some of the most popular celebrities around today. Leading actors and actresses have garnered attention from the general public through their roles in various popular TV shows and films. Some people refer to famous entertainers such as Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, and the Jonas Brothers as stars while others consider them more of popular culture icons. Entertainers have been able to build careers and earning huge bank accounts through several different mediums which has made entertainment businesses and the entertainment industry in general quite profitable.

Entertainers who have managed to establish successful careers in this competitive entertainment field are usually those who can perform well in all forms of entertainment. Being good in singing, dancing, acting, playing sports, cooking, and other types of entertainment works make an entertainer more marketable. Having multiple talents also helps in making an entertainer more marketable. Many performers choose to focus on a particular field of entertainment such as dancing or singing while others may prefer to mix it up with elements of acting, music, gymnastics, cooking, and other areas. However, when an entertainer tries to excel in every possible area of entertainment, they become known as one of the industry’s elite.

Entertainers who have built their reputations on multi-level performances have also found great success in the business. Examples of these are members of the Disney World crew, David Hasselhoff, Tom Cruise, Madonna, and so many others. While some may prefer to be involved in one or two different lines of work, some prefer to develop a portfolio of work that they can call their own. Having a portfolio allows them to find work based on their own unique talents and skills.

The business of entertainment itself has changed drastically over the years. From the classic forms of show business, such as revues and theaters, to the newer forms of satellite, digital, and online entertainment, the options for entertainment are almost limitless. However, to stand out from the crowd and find successful careers in the industry, one must combine their artistic abilities with their entrepreneurial spirit.

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