Entertainment As a Commodity and As an Investment


Entertainment As a Commodity and As an Investment

Entertainment is a broad term that holds both the entertainment interest and an entertained audience’s interest. It may be a solitary project or an ensemble act but is probably more often than not one of those activities or events which has grown over centuries specifically for the sole purpose of maintaining an entertained audience’s interest. Entertaining, like most other human activities, evolved from the earliest times up to the present day in all its varied guises and varieties. Entertainments may be of a social, a literary, a dramatic, a musical or even a sporting variety.

Entertaining, just like music, is most commonly perceived as a passive recreation. As in the case of video games, entertainment can be most effectively communicated by the director or producer through a succession of images that serve to “entertain” the audience. The director can use a great deal of creativity to create an impression and produce an atmosphere intended to keep the audience entertained. For example, an animated film may succeed in enthralling its viewers because of its carefully selected images, its complex and ingenious plot, and the characters’ performance.

Entertainments, like music, are largely subjective in nature. This means that different people have different preferences on what gives pleasure to them. Similarly, a particular kind of artistic production, for instance, may be greatly appreciated by some and abhorred by others. We may liken this to a different taste in music, say classical versus pop music.

Entertaining, like dancing, is almost as much an emotional experience as it is an entertainment experience. A major segment of the entertainment industry is devoted to amusement, and people of all ages and walks of life from all over the world attend shows, movies, concerts, and other theatrical presentations. There are even some businesses that cater to the furnishing of entertainment events, such as spas, which employ the services of qualified massage therapists. This not only gives pleasure to the clientele but also stimulates the economy.

Pleasure is one of those things that we can never get enough of. It is an emotion, and like music or food it is something that ages, changes, and alters with time. This is one reason why people of different ages and preferences have been enjoying different kinds of entertainment ever since man began his pursuit of entertainment. Some of the most popular entertainments include horse racing, yachting, singing, dancing, and many more.

The entertainment business has made tremendous strides in technology, in particular through the development of television and the movie industry. The invention of motion pictures gave rise to dramatic productions with the advancement of photography, and the invention of television broadened the range of audience opportunities dramatically. The creation of a wide variety of DVDs gave rise to a new generation of consumers who have been watching different preferences of entertainment for years specifically on DVD. While the primary aim of entertainment might be to give pleasure, the creation of DVDs gives the industry an opportunity to earn more by selling a broad range of products, which in turn, helps the industry to earn more revenue and create a bigger market.

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