Happiness Puts Others in A Different Light


Happiness Puts Others in A Different Light

Entertaining is a kind of social activity which holds the interest and attention of an attentive audience or gives happiness and pleasure to the one who entertains. It may be a job or an idea, but probably is more often than not one of the more pleasurable activities or social occasions that have grown over centuries especially for the sole purpose of retaining the interest of an attentive audience. This has been the reason as to why Entertaining Arts have long held a great value among people. But in today’s world of entertainment, where most entertainment activities are usually considered as games or forms of amusement, what is really left out? And what makes Entertaining Arts a great form of social activity is that they are also fun! They make the people involved in it to enjoy each other’s company and give them pleasure that is not short-lived but long-lasting in nature.

Entertainers are usually categorized as actors, actresses, music artists, dance artists, and comedy writers and so on. In entertainment, Entertaining Arts are basically all the genres that are present in the word Entertainment. Nowadays, the word entertainer has already been widely used and almost synonymous with all forms of entertainment. So it would now be much easier for us to determine the different types of Entertaining Arts. Entertainment can also be divided further into the categories of Film, TV, Video, and Music.

The word entertainment has been around for ages already, but it is only in recent years that Entertainers came into being. What separates Entertainers from other forms of entertainment is that the latter seeks to have a pleasurable experience for its viewers, which is also its main goal. For instance, a movie is not just entertaining but it is also entretenement. If you watch a movie, you will see people happy, laughing, and emotional. Entretenement in cinema is not simply confined to watching movies, but it is a way of life.

Movie or comedy is one form of entertainment, which is popular and in demand, especially among the young generation. Entertainers like to entertain, which is why there is no shortage of stand-up comedians today. But what makes a comedy or movie funny? Well, that is the million dollar question. In entertainment, humor and wit are two major factors that make a movie or a comedy hilarious. One of the best comedians today is the late Jerry Seinfeld who created the sitcom Seinfeld.

Everyone gets sad now and then, especially when the world seems to be going down. However, for many who are deeply affected by sad times, entertainment industry somehow eases their sadness. For instance, if a person finds his or her favorite show canceled, that person will immediately feel a sense of dejection and sadness. This can also be applied to people who are deeply affected by sad events in their lives. Many will find ways on how to cheer up their loved ones. Entertainment can easily lift up anyone’s spirits when watching movies, reading books, or listening to music.

In conclusion, enjoyment and happiness are some of the factors that pull another towards reading books, watching movies, or listening to music. However, one has to keep in mind that entertainment does not always lead to real-life enjoyment and happiness. It is important to note that entertainment can pull another away from real-life stresses and sorrows. When this happens, it might have a negative effect on the person who is being entertained.

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