Introduction to Entertainment


Introduction to Entertainment

Entertaining is a broad form of social activity that either holds the interest and attention of an audience or offers enjoyment and pleasure. When it comes to parties entertainment, people always seem to have a good time. It could be a chore, a task or just an event, but most often is more inclined to be one of those entertaining activities or events which have developed over the thousands of years especially for the sole purpose of maintaining an audience’s interest. Entertainment is actually a sum total of different activities, events and situations which are deliberately designed in order to make an audience participate. Entertainment is usually performed in public and involves the use of a combination of music, dance, visual effects, comedy, drama, singing, spectacle and other types of verbal and physical communication. Entertainment activities and events range from playful and naive to sophisticated and edgy, simple and complex, conventional and unconventional.

Entertainers come in various sizes, shapes and colors. In the English speaking world, entertainers are generally defined as people who entertain – be it the whole crowd at a concert, the actors and singers performing at a film festival, or the people at a birthday party. Entertainers can also refer to members of a cast or group such as a dancer or actor. In its most common sense, entretention is the process of taking something and making it into an entertaining or pleasant experience. So when we say, we are going to see entertain them, we mean that the person or persons involved are going to get the best of whatever they are trying to entertain.

Entertainers are divided into various categories according to their ability to entertain. These categories are light entertainment, sound entertainment, scientific or technical entertainers, and adult entertainers. Light entertainment refers to stage shows, puppet shows, magic shows, kiddie shows, concerts, or dancing. Sound entertainment is music, dance, or comedy; scientific or technical entertainers are persons who do experiments or create things like machines, etc; while adult entertainers are those who act in a sexualized manner or engage in explicit acts. Basically, when we say that someone will get the best of anything, it simply means that the particular entity or person will have the ability to take anything and make it into an enjoyable or pleasant experience.

The Entertainment industry is estimated to earn over $14 billion per year. Most of the revenues in this field are obtained from the North American and European continent countries. The main source of revenue in the US is through ticket sales, which account for almost 70% of the entire industry revenue. The other source of earnings in this field is sales of product which are also derived from ticket sales. The Entertainment industry is very diverse and includes various genres and forms such as live performances, television, video games, DVDs, Blu-ray, and websites. Each and every genre have a corpus frequency of people who regularly go to these genres and enjoy their products and services.

The major categories of the Entertainment industry include: – Dramatic Acting & Performance, Music & Audio, Comedy & TV Show, Musical Theatre, Dramatic Writing & Directing, Video Games, Corporate Entertainers, Corporate Entertainment, Theme Park Business, and the Mass Media Entertainment. As you can see, the Entertainment industry is very diversified and there are various genres and sub-genres available in it. The mass media entertainment consists of movies, television series, musical theatre, stage plays, dramatic acting, dance, and visual arts. These are the mediums through which the artists and performers are able to communicate their messages and ideas to the world.

One of the most important things that has made the new media environment so flourishing is the internet. The internet has helped the artists and performance artists to reach their audience and provide them with the necessary tools to reach out to the audience. These artists can showcase their skills and creativity through the creative tools provided on the internet. They are also able to develop and improve their skills with time. So the next time when you watch a movie or go to a theatre, remember that you are watching new media, and you have the power to create your own reality and experience.

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