Is Fashion Trendiness Good Or Bad?


Is Fashion Trendiness Good Or Bad?

Fashion is a mode of self-definition and independence in a certain time and location and in a certain context, specifically of clothes, footwear, fashion, makeup, hair style, accessories, and general body posture and attitude. The word means a style defined by the fashion business as what is currently fashionable. There are so many definitions on what is fashionable in the world today and I personally think that it is very hard to define something that has been constantly changing in my opinion.

It’s almost impossible to claim that one person’s fashion trends are the trend currently popular among everyone. Trends are just a part of life in general and not something that is set in stone and cannot be changed. I believe that everyone can wear whatever they want to and do whatever they feel like when it comes to fashion. However, it seems that the “mainstream,” or the more common variety of fashions tend to follow the styles of celebrities and designers.

When we talk about “mainstream fashion,” we are basically talking about what most people would agree on: fashionable clothes. Most people wear clothes that are stylish but not cheap and try to make their dollars stretch farther by buying the most expensive designer brands in the world. I have seen celebrities on TV that wear clothes that are very expensive yet are not very good quality and are of poor value. Does this mean all expensive clothes are worthless?

Fashion is just a trend and it will probably never go away. As long as people continue to have the need for fashionable clothes, the fashion industry will be there. Trendy clothes may still be considered “in” today but most of the time, the focus on these clothes are on how much money someone can buy them because of the current state of the economy.

Even with the limited attention to fashion trends on TV and in magazines give us, there is still something to be said for “trendy” clothing. When the designer decides to create a new fashion trend, it is often met with both praise and criticism. Some designers have very expensive clothing lines that are considered “in” right now but are unlikely to be around in the future. Other designers have clothing lines that are continually changing and evolving and their clothing is more in demand than they are able to produce.

In conclusion, fashion trends are a part of fashion. They can be positive and can be negative, depending upon which designers you ask. Trendy styles can also be considered “in” right now while fashions considered “out of style” are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. Fashions are usually created out of necessity rather than design. However, trends will always come and go; the best that we can do is to adapt and change with the times.

By adminweare
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