News is the information that was not known before or present events being broadcast over the television, radio, internet or in newspaper media. An example of news can be a newly married couple announcing their wedding. There are many types of news and they include general, breaking, sports events, political, international and business news. Some of the major and most watched news includes breaking news, weather reports, local newspaper stories and so on.

Today, a new form of news is getting popularity and this is the news services. A news agency is formed to deliver news to the people. It is totally done through newspapers, periodicals and other media. There are several news service providers around the world. A news agency is an organization that carries out research and dispenses information about a particular subject. They also need to have vast experience in the related field and should possess vast writing skills.

The news agencies carry out wide-ranging activities such as breaking news, terrorism, health, crime, environment, education and business news. All these topics are discussed in a wide range of categories. It is not a simple task to obtain news services; there are many criteria involved. For instance, if you want a health report on a particular disease you will not get it just by looking at one health report.

There are many news agencies are willing to work for free or at least at discounted rates. There are many news agencies that provide news materials and news agencies also provide resources. Many news agencies are supported by various organizations such as the National Press Association (NPA), the Associated Press (AP) and several other major news organizations. In France there is a national press association, in UK there are a National Media and Entertainment Association (NBA) and similar bodies in other countries.

News agencies can be classified into general, broad and niche news agencies. General news agencies are general all over the world news agencies that carry all different types of news. Broad news agencies specialize news to a specific region such as world, sport, finance, education, and politics. Niche news agencies specialize in a certain field such as tourism, food, health, technology, political, and others. Broad news agencies are much broader than niche news agencies, they simply cover all aspects of the news as related to their specific field.

Newspapers and magazines are the primary source of news for most people, and news agencies also publish many newspapers and magazines. There are many news agencies that publish both newspapers and magazines. A major news agency in the USA is also the major provider of news to many television stations. Other news agencies also broadcast news to the worldwide audience.

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