News Websites For Kids

Definition of News Noun: A short overview of current affairs, usually current as in current news. (Emphasis on the “current” part.) (Fiction) News is something that someone or something happening presently.

What is more current than a tornado? A hurricane, a blizzard, a drought? Is there such a thing as news? (No) History would prove that all news is situational.

What is more current than a political campaign? The cost of an oil spill, the cost of fuel at the pumps? (Yes, the cost of gasoline and the cost of buying new gas guzzlers.) (I know, they are talking about the cost of human life but you get the point)

There are all kinds of news in this world and there are plenty of sources for it as well. All news is situational. There is a lot of opinion in the news but that can’t really be changed unless you are a journalism major at college. (Who isn’t interested in that!)

In fact, I think we should teach kids to be more interested in the news rather than what is happening in their lives at that moment. We need to keep them well-informed in all matters including politics, religion, sports, and all things that interest them. But how do you get this information into a child’s mind so they don’t develop a bias for one side or another?

In this case, you would try to provide them with both sides of an issue so they could make their own decisions. You would also explain why certain things are newsworthy and what are not. The key here is to provide facts, but not feel as though you are beating around the bush. Explain why a particular event is newsworthy and then let them come to their own conclusion if they want to, or you can explain why it isn’t.

If your kids don’t seem to want to read anything about politics, tell them to read some articles about environmental issues and things like that. If they seem interested, you can take the article to school and have them read it. Have them explain why you feel the article is important and why it is newsworthy. This way, they will be getting a good education and be exposed to many different types of information and viewpoints on a topic.

There are many websites dedicated to providing news. Some of them are better than others, however. Some of them only publish left-wing news, while other websites cater to a right-wing audience. If you would like to expose your children to a wide variety of views, and especially if you feel strongly about certain political issues, then a news website is a great way to do so.

Another good news website for kids that can be found online is Q & A. Here, the kids can get answers to their own questions. They can also ask questions of experts and receive valuable answers. News websites like these are definitely worth looking into.

By adminweare
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