Why Are Entertainers Still Asking For Fans?

Entertainment is a broad term which covers a range of human activities which either holds the interest and focus of an audience or provides enjoyment and joy. It could be an art or a practical activity, but most often is more often of a creative act or project, which has developed over hundreds of years in particular for the specific purpose of maintaining an audience’s interest. This could be music, drama, literature, cinema, dance and many more. Entertaining is normally seen as a private or domestic pastime pursued by individuals at leisure. However, entertainment is now a mainstay of many organisations as it provides fun and amusement in the work place and forms a fundamental part of corporate management.

The entertainment industry is the largest and fastest growing sector in the UK economy, with annual revenues estimated at three billion pounds. The entertainment industry is now an increasingly important contributor to the economic health of the nation, contributing about one-fifth of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Much of this growth can be attributed to the mass media entertainment such as film, television and theatre. Although traditionally the domain of adults, children’s programming is becoming increasingly popular and draws an increasing number of audiences.

The wide-reaching use of smart phones and tablet devices in the home and increasingly active social networking means that the average family now spends more time online than going out, making entertainment apps an important part of their lives. Entertainers are also becoming more engaged on apps in order to promote and create new talent and projects. New comedy artists have begun to use the Internet to develop and promote their careers and independent film stars are no longer restricted to the small films they were associated with in days gone by. Entertainment apps have changed the face of entertainment and communication in many ways.

One of the best examples of how entertainment can change a lifestyle is provided by the rise of comedy clubs and magic shows. Magic shows are not just for birthday parties anymore and comedy clubs are becoming destinations for families looking for a good time and great entertainment. With a passion for magic and a love of comedy, these show venues are becoming more of a must visit destination for young couples and families looking for a break from the normal routines of everyday life. Attractions like The London Eye and marquees at the Dubai World Trade Center mean that family breaks are even easier to come by, combining the pleasures of a great night out with the relaxation that comes from indulging in entertainment at its best.

Shows like Keeping Up With The Joneses, Have I Got A Question and Hollywood Undead are proving popular ways of connecting with fans and boosting interest in the show business. The mass media provide the perfect platform for this type of entertainment. Celebrities become regular fodder for television shows and radio stations, making them a must watch for anyone interested in entertainment news. In fact, some people find their hobby and passion of watching celebrities closely following their lifestyle. Shows like Keeping Up With The Joneses have proven that celebrities can still lead a normal life in spite of their public image, proving entertainment news outlets are not entirely dead.

The mass media has not lost its power to entertain, although its reach has slightly decreased over the years. Shows like Celebrity Rehab and Shameless have proved that a life spent behind a microphone can still provide entertainment, while sobering influences like The Social Network can still make for an interesting discussion topic. Entertainers such as David Blaine, Jimmy Fallon and Louis C.K. are proving that you don’t need big stars to create a great time, simply get your hands on a camera and start sharing your thoughts and views on life in general.

By adminweare
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